How to Speak English like a Native Speaker

How to Speak English like a Native speaker?

Some people will always have an accent when speaking English.

But do not worry!

Accents make us all unique and you can speak like a native by focusing on a few certain things.

1.  Pronunciation:

Pronunciation means being able to say a word correctly, naturally and be understood: when one learns to perfect his/her pronunciation they will have a much easier time acclimating into an English speaking Environment. Native speakers have special recognition all over the world for their accent.

Your pronunciation brings you reputation in your career, especially if you work in call centers and medical transcription fields. But because of the mother tongue influence, Non Native Speakers tend to pronounce words in a different way. Read more

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7 Daily Activities to Improve English

7 Daily Activities to Improve English

Improving English skills enables you communicate effectively and keep you ahead in career. Unless you are a native speaker you certainly experience this question one day or the other.

“How to improve English quickly?”

This informative article is not likely to answer in regards to the part “quickly” but deals with a steady and consistent approach.

Listed below are 7 simple daily activities to incorporate in your day to day routine.

You need to

  • Include these seven activities in your everyday routine.
  • Make them your regular habits
  • Never give up, at the very least for first thirty days. If you are consistent, you absolutely discover how useful these simple activities are.
  • A calendar checklist is enclosed at the end of this post (in pdf format). Download it, paste it somewhere at your workplace and make entries every day. If you omit a task, note the reason for skipping it.

1. Read newspaper:

Image Credit: Pixabay
Image Credit: Pixabay

Possibly  this is the most repeated advice and almost has become a cliché. Read more

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How to Improve English for Competitive Examinations

 How to improve English for competitive examinations?

This article is dedicated to all the people who view English as an obstacle from passing their competitive examinations.

Image Source : pixabay
Image Source : pixabay

 The main aim of this article is to help you improve your English skills for a better performance in competitive examinations. It is advisable that you embrace English as your language and make it part of your life. The reason behind this is simply because there is no shortcut to passing competitive examinations if one doesn’t practice and master the basic rules of English. Read more

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10 Easy Ways to Improve Your English Vocabulary

Learning English communication skills and vocabulary is a daunting task for every one, especially whose mother tongue is not English. So, here are 10 easy ways to improve your English vocabulary and to make the difficult task easy.

1. Surround Yourself with English:

Do you know the popular saying

Burn your boats”.

When Alexander the great invaded Persia, he ordered his men to burn their boats.

He said to the puzzled soldiers “We go home in Persian ships, or we die”.

Now they are left with only one choice….they must win the battle. Read more

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21 tips to get more marks in Reading comprehension passage.

21 tips to get more marks in Reading comprehension passage.

 Solving English Reading Comprehension has become an inevitable part of almost every competitive examination. The question that linger in every aspirant’s mind is “How to improve Reading comprehension?”

  Students are habituated to solve simple and direct passages in their school days, but when it comes to competitive exams, the task becomes difficult.  Unable to understand the vocabulary (meaning of words) and concept of the passage, students become dull and uninterested in this section.   I may give you some tips and strategies to achieve success in the examination, but the ultimate solution lies not in shortcut solutions, but long term preparation and hard work, obviously. you need to have the courage to prepare and adhere to a systematic plan. So, here are some Reading Comprehension strategies to follow, to get more marks in Reading Comprehension. Read more

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Grand Mock Test on “Indian writing in English” For UGC NET.

                                  Grand Mock Test on  “Indian writing in English”

30  Questions

1.  Salman Rushdie’s third novel “Shame” depicts the political scenario of

A.     India                                                     B. Bangladesh

C.     Pakistan                                               D. England

2. The children’s fables in poetry “Beastly Tales” is a work by

A.     Rudyard Kipling                                   B. Ruskin Bond Read more

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Grand Mock Test UGC NET English Literature : PAPER 2

                                                 Grand Mock Test


1. The fictitious conspiracy “ Popish Plot “ was aimed to assassinate the king

A.       Charles 1                                                    B. James 1

C.       Charles 2                                                    D. James 2

2. The prose work “Pseudo Martyr “ is written by

A.         John Milton                                              B. John Donne Read more

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List of Poets Laureate of United Kingdom


                          List of Poets Laureate of United Kingdom

Name of the Poet

Became poet

  Laureate in

Ben Jonson1616 
William D’Avenant1638 
John Dryden1668 
Thomas Shadwell1689 
Nahum Tate1692 
Nicholas Rowe1715 
Laurence Eusden1718 
Colley Cibber1730 
William Whitehead1757 
Thomas Warton1785 
Henry James Pye1790 
Robert Southey1813 
William Wordsworth1843 
Alfred Tennyson1850 
Alfred Austin1896 
Robert Bridges1913 
John Masefield1930 
Cecil Day Lewis1968 
John Betjeman1972 
Ted Hughes1984 
Andrew Motion1999 
Carol Ann Duffy2009 

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Modern Poets in English Literature -Test 1

      Modern Poets in English Literature

                                            Test- 1 

       Free pdf version of this post can be downloaded from Here.

1. Who wrote the preface to the English version of Tagore’s “ Gitanjali”?

A.     Rudyard Kipling                              B. T. S. Elliot

C.      Rupert Brooke                                 D.    W. B. Yeats

2. Among these, who is a “Poet Laureate “ ?

A.        W.B.Yeats                                         B. Robert Bridges

C.        Rudyard Kipling                           D. W. H. Davies Read more

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Victorian Novel Test -2 in English literature.

                                Victorian Novel Test- 2

Download the free pdf version of this test , from Here.

1.  Among these of Charles Dickens’ works, which is a historical novel?

A.         Bleak House                                           B. Great Expectations

C.          Hard Times                                            D. Barnaby Rudge.

2.  Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane Eyre” was published in the year…

A.        1851                                                        B. 1847 Read more

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