Grand Mock Test on “Indian writing in English” For UGC NET.

                                  Grand Mock Test on  “Indian writing in English”

30  Questions

1.  Salman Rushdie’s third novel “Shame” depicts the political scenario of

A.     India                                                     B. Bangladesh

C.     Pakistan                                               D. England

2. The children’s fables in poetry “Beastly Tales” is a work by

A.     Rudyard Kipling                                   B. Ruskin Bond Read more

Grand Mock Test UGC NET English Literature : PAPER 2

                                                 Grand Mock Test


1. The fictitious conspiracy “ Popish Plot “ was aimed to assassinate the king

A.       Charles 1                                                    B. James 1

C.       Charles 2                                                    D. James 2

2. The prose work “Pseudo Martyr “ is written by

A.         John Milton                                              B. John Donne Read more

List of Poets Laureate of United Kingdom


                          List of Poets Laureate of United Kingdom

Name of the Poet

Became poet

  Laureate in

Ben Jonson1616 
William D’Avenant1638 
John Dryden1668 
Thomas Shadwell1689 
Nahum Tate1692 
Nicholas Rowe1715 
Laurence Eusden1718 
Colley Cibber1730 
William Whitehead1757 
Thomas Warton1785 
Henry James Pye1790 
Robert Southey1813 
William Wordsworth1843 
Alfred Tennyson1850 
Alfred Austin1896 
Robert Bridges1913 
John Masefield1930 
Cecil Day Lewis1968 
John Betjeman1972 
Ted Hughes1984 
Andrew Motion1999 
Carol Ann Duffy2009 

Modern Poets in English Literature -Test 1

      Modern Poets in English Literature

                                            Test- 1 

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1. Who wrote the preface to the English version of Tagore’s “ Gitanjali”?

A.     Rudyard Kipling                              B. T. S. Elliot

C.      Rupert Brooke                                 D.    W. B. Yeats

2. Among these, who is a “Poet Laureate “ ?

A.        W.B.Yeats                                         B. Robert Bridges

C.        Rudyard Kipling                           D. W. H. Davies Read more

Victorian Novel Test -2 in English literature.

                                Victorian Novel Test- 2

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1.  Among these of Charles Dickens’ works, which is a historical novel?

A.         Bleak House                                           B. Great Expectations

C.          Hard Times                                            D. Barnaby Rudge.

2.  Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane Eyre” was published in the year…

A.        1851                                                        B. 1847 Read more

Popular English Literary Persons and their Pen names (pseudonyms).

Here is a list of popular English literary persons and their pen names (pseudonyms).

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     Literary Person                                                    Original name

Pseudonym  Or  Pen name

Eric Arthur BlairGeorge Orwell
Charles Lutwidge DodgsonLewis Caroll
Francois Marie ArouetVoltaire
Neftali Ricardo Reyes BasoaltoPablo Neruda
Alisa Zinovyevna RosenbaumAyn Rand
Mary Ann EvansGeorge Elliot
Jozef Teodor Konrad KorzeniowskiJoseph Conrad
Joanne RowlingJ.K.Rowling
Howard FastE V Cunningham
Samuel Longhorne ClemensMark Twain
Benjamin FranklinSilence Dogood
William Sydney PorterO. Henry
Richard BachmanStephen King
Agatha Mary Clarissa MillerAgatha Christie, Mary Westmacott
Isaac AsimovPaul French

Comparison of literary periodicals

                                          Comparison of literary periodicals- table


Name of the magazineEdinburgh ReviewQuarterly ReviewBlackwood’s MagazineLondon Magazine
Founder/ EditorFrancis JeffreySydney SmithJohn Murrayfirst editor: William GiffordWilliam BlackwoodJohn Scott

Established Year1802180918171820
Political standSupporters of Whiggs, Liberal politics.Ridiculed Tories.Supporters of ToriesSupporters of ToriesSupporters of Romantic poets
ContributorsSir Walter Scott, Hazlitt, Carlyle,T.B.Macaulay, Leigh HuntSir Walter Scott, Southey,John Wilson Croker, LambJohn Wilson,Lockhart,


Samuel Taylor Coleridge

John Keats,P.B.Shelly,


Lamb, Hazlitt,

De Quincey,

MiscellaneousThough supported Romantics, sometimesattacked Lake poets ( especially Wordsworth )Attacked Lake poets, Radicals.Croker’s criticism of Keats’ Endymion led to Keats’ death

Attacked on “Cockney school of poetry “editor John Scott was killed in a duel with Blackwood .