Games to Learn English: Knowledge with Fun

There are different strategies to learn English language. The language can be learnt by reading simple English like in advertisements, product descriptions, and commercials etc. Watching movies, listening to the radio or simply conversing with others certainly improves your English language proficiency. These methods have been proven effective and they often produce results faster than other methods.
However, there is much easier and fun way to learn English fast, and that is through playing games. Fortunately, we have a great number of games to learn English, available online and offline. There are many different types of educational games that can be utilized by aspirants who want to learn English.

These are as follows:

Traditional games:

These are the type of games that are usually played one player only. In this game, player is introduced to new words and his vocabulary is being tested. Below are some of the traditional games that are proven to be effective in improving your English skills.

Puzzle Games

These are actually the common crossword puzzles where the player needs to fill in the correct answers, one letter per square, both across and down from the given clues. Such games will help strengthen player’s vocabulary skills.

Word Hunt

This game consists of the letters of words placed in a grid, which usually has a rectangular or square shape. There are words listed below the box and the player should find all of it inside the grid.

Riddle Game

A game where there is a riddle, one player needs to guess the word which the riddle is about.

Board games

These are games that involve pieces being moved on a pre-marked area called the “board”, that is in accordance to the set of rules. These games are interactive games and it can be played with 2 to 4 players. This game allows players utilize English words they know and allows them to know new words from other players.

Few of the board games are:

1. Scrabble

In this game, the players will receive a selection of letters which they must use to make a word in a crossword-style grid. Each of the players will receive 7 tiles of letters and they should think of a word out of those 7 letters. Each player is given one turn to put on their constructed words on the board.


Up words is a game that has a great similarity to scrabble. In this game, players should use letters to build words on the style grid of the crossword puzzle.

3. Bananagrams

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This uses letter tiles to create a grid of words, but in this game no structure is permanent. Players start with a set number of letters and use them to create their own word grid. When one player has used all of his letters, everyone must draw another tile and incorporate it into their own structures. Each person can rearrange his word grid as desired.

Android games:

These games or applications that are available in Android Play store are made only for android devices. They are much advanced because it can be played just in a tap of a finger. And the App does most of the scoring, analyzing and checking. These games are for one player only and it enhances the players’ vocabulary skills.

Few of these android games are:

4. Learn Languages-Busuu

It is one of the most popular language learning app available in Play Store. This game consists of everyday tasks that the learner should do where he could learn words, sentences and phrases. It is like a class in your hand where the device is your teacher. This app uses different  fun techniques that motivate the player to go on with doing the tasks, without being tired.

5. Cartoon-Free English

This app helps learners learn new words through a new method called word cards. They use pictures to illustrate meanings.

6. English Verb Trainer

As its name suggests, this app helps players improve their knowledge about conjugation of verbs.

iPhone games:

These games or applications are pretty similar to android games. The only difference is that it is only available in App Store for iPhone users only. Games here are just the same as the android games and the app does almost the entire task. These games are for one player only and it enhances the players’ vocabulary skills.

Some of the iPhone games are:

7. Conversation English

Conversation English is an app that has 20 lessons wherein each one features a short animated video or dialog. Once the learner is done listening to it, comprehension questions and other exercises that are based on the dialog will follow. It could be sentence ordering, vocabulary-definition matching or fill in the blanks.

8. English Grammar in Use tests

Though the app says “tests” it is not really like those boring English exams one should answer.But rather it is a fun and one of the best English grammar apps especially made for iPhones and iPads.

9. Word Challenge

Word Challenge is a great new vocabulary game from the British Council. There are three different levels of difficulty and a lot of different categories for vocabulary. The player should answer couple of questions within 60 seconds. And the more question answered correctly the higher the score the player gets.

PC games

These are games that are especially designed for pc or computers only. These games can be played with the use of the mouse and keyboard.

10. Story based Games like Resident Evil, Silent hill, Final Story.

These are games that allow the player to enhance his English skills since the player must understand the instructions in order to win the game. These games usually tell a story about the events that happened in the story.

11. Interactive Games like World of Warcraft

These games allow the gamer to interact with different people throughout the world (even outside their own country) to plan their strategies or defense. But in order to have a clear understanding they must communicate in English language. So by playing this game, player get the opportunity to improve his English communication skills.

These are just some of the many games that could help people further enhance their English language skill. When played properly and regularly, English language mastery can be achieved.

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