Grand Mock Test on “Indian writing in English” For UGC NET.


                                  Grand Mock Test on  “Indian writing in English”

30  Questions


1.  Salman Rushdie’s third novel “Shame” depicts the political scenario of

A.     India                                                     B. Bangladesh

C.     Pakistan                                               D. England

2. The children’s fables in poetry “Beastly Tales” is a work by

A.     Rudyard Kipling                                   B. Ruskin Bond

C.     Kiran Desai                                            D. Vikram Seth

3. The literary magazine “Chandrabhaga”, published from Cuttack, is edited by

A.      Jayanta Mahapatra                             B. A. K. Ramanujan

C.      R. Parthasarathy                                  D. Anita Desai

4.  The duration of story in Mulk Raj Anand’s “Untouchable” is

A.       Three Days                                            B. One Week

C.       One Month                                           D. One Day

5. Kiran Desai’s novel “Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard” received …..

A.      Betty Trask Award                                              B. Guardian Fiction Prize

C.       Kendra Sahitya Akademy Award                  D. Booker Prize


6.  Indian Author Ruskin Bond appears in the movie

A.       Khoon Pasina                                                     B. 7 Khoon Maaf

C.       3 Idiots                                                                 D.   Two States

7.  Arundhati Roy was born in the state of

A.     Meghalaya                                                           B. Kerala

C.     Karnataka                                                            D. Tamilnadu

8. The Tamil epic “Silappatikaram” was translated into English by

A.           A.K.Ramanujan                                           B.  R. Parthasarathy

C.          V.S.Naipaul                                                   D. MahaShwetha Devi

9.  Among these, which is not a work by Meenakshi Mukherjee ?

A.     The Perishable Empire                           B. Realism and Reality

C.      And The Mountains Echoed                 D. Elusive Terrain                                                  

10. Who received Booker Prize in 1971?

A.          V. S. Naipaul                                         B. Arundhati Roy

C.           Aravind Adiga                                     D. Kiran Desai

11. Which author had a great influence of Mahatma Gandhi on him?

A.     Girish Karnad                                              B. Raja Rao

C.      Mulk Raj Anand                                         D. Anita Desai

12. Which of the following works, is not by Shashi Tharoor?

A.      The Great Indian Novel                            B.    Show Business

C.       The Five Dollar Smile                              D.   The Algebra of Infinite Justice

13.  Who is the author of Mahatma Gandhi’s biography “Great Indian Way: A Life of Mahatma Gandhi”

A.       Mulk Raj Anand                                         B. Raja Rao

C.      K. M. Munshi                                               D.   Leo Tolstoy

14.  Which Indian author travelled to Spain to participate in the Spanish Civil War?

A.         Raja Rao                                                    B.   V. S. Naipaul                                                  

C.        Meenakshi Mukherjee                            D.  Mulk Raj Anand                                                      

15.  Salman Rushdie was born in

A.        Mumbai (Bombay)                                    B. Kolkata (Calcutta)

C.         Chennai(Madras)                                       D. New Delhi

16. Salman Rushdie’s non fiction work ”The Jaguar Smile” was written after visiting

A.         Uganda                                                    B. Kenya

C.        Nicaragua                                                D. Brazil

17. Nirad C Chowdhary’ s autobiographical work “Thy Hand Great, Anarch!”s title is inspired from Alexander Pope’s

A.      The Dunciad                                                       B. The Rape of the Lock

C.      An Essay on Criticism                                      D. Essay on man

18. Who is the director of the movie Midnight’s Children ?

A.     Mira Nair                                                            B. Deepa Mehta

C.     Pooja Bhatt                                                       D. Kalpana Lajmi

19. Which work of author Ruskin Bond was adapted into a BBC tv series?

A.       The Blue Umbrella                                           B. A Flight of Pigeons

C.       The Room on the Roof                                    D. Angry River

20. Film Director Shekher Kapoor’s movie “Bandit Queen” was criticized in the essay “The Great Indian Rape Trick” by

A.         Shashi Tharoor                                                B. Chetan Bhagat

C.         Aravind Adiga                                                  D. Arundhati Roy

21. Among these, who is not a recipient of Sahitya Akademy Award?

A.         Jhumpa Lahiri                                                   B. Bhabani Bhattacharya

C.         Nayanatara sahgal                                           D. Raja Rao

22. Among these, which movie  was not based on a Indian Novel?

A.          3 Idiots                                                               B. Guide

C.         Hazaar Chaurasi ki Maa                                D. sarfarosh

23.” The Cat and Shakespeare: A Tale of India” is a novel by

A.         Raja Rao                                                             B. Amitav Ghosh

C.         Upamanyu     Chatterjee                                D. Chetan Bhagat

24. The introduction to Mulk Raj Anand’s novel “Untouchable” is written by

A.       W.B.Yeats                                                  B  . E.M.Forster

C.       T.S.Elliot                                                    D. Charles Dickens

25. “My Story” is the autobiography of

A.      Kamala Das                                                       B. Kamala Markandaya

C.     Arundhati Roy                                                    D. Mahashwetha Devi

26.  The collection of poems, by Sarojini Naidu, published posthumously by her daughter Padamaja is named

A.      The Golden Threshold                                     B. The Feather of the Dawn

C.       The Bird of Time                                               D. The Broken Wing

27. Among these which is not a work by Amitav Ghosh?

A.       The Glass palace                                                 B. The Calcutta Chromosome

C.       The Algebra of Infinite Justice                        D. River of Smoke

28. Who is the first Indian citizen to receive the Nobel Prize?

A.        V.S.Naipaul                                                           B. C.V.Raman

C.        Mother Teresa                                                     D. Rabindranath Tagore

29.”My Son’s Father” is an autobiography by

A.        Don Moraes                                                         B. V. S. Naipaul

C.        Ruskin Bond                                                        D. Shashi Tharoor

30.  Among these, who is a confessional poet?

A.      Kamala Markandaya                                            B. Kamala Das

C.       Anita Desai                                                              D. Kiran Desai


1.C                   11.B                 21.A

2.D                   12.D                 22.D

3.A                   13.B                 23.A

4.D                   14.D                 24.B

5.A                   15.A                 25.A

6.B                   16.C                 26.B

7.A                   17.A                 27.C

8.B                   18.B                 28.D

9.C                   19.C                 29.A

10.A                 20.D                 30.B





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