Grand Mock Test UGC NET English Literature : PAPER 2


                                                 Grand Mock Test


1. The fictitious conspiracy “ Popish Plot “ was aimed to assassinate the king

A.       Charles 1                                                    B. James 1

C.       Charles 2                                                    D. James 2

2. The prose work “Pseudo Martyr “ is written by

A.         John Milton                                              B. John Donne

C.         Thomas Gray                                            D. William Langland

3. Among these literary works, which is not an allegory?

A.         Spenser’s “Faery Queene”                    B. Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress “

C.         James Joyce’  ”Ulysses”                       D. George Orwell’s “Animal Farm “

4. Spenser’s sonnet sequence “Amoretti” was addressed to

A.      Elizabeth Boyle                                             B. Fanny Brawne

C.      Queen Elizabeth                                            D.  Mary Powell

5.   Herman Northrop Frye’s “Anatomy of Criticism” consists of… essays

A.             4                                                         B. 5

C.             6                                                         D. 7


6. In which language, Cervantes’ “Don Quixote” originally appeared ?

A.         Latin                                                      B. Spanish

C.         Greek                                                     D. German

7.    “ Heroes and Kings your distance keep;
        In peace let one poor poet sleep,
        Who never flattered folks like you;
        Let Horace blush and Virgil too.”

       These lines are found on the epitaph of

A.          Jonathan Swift                                            B. Alexander Pope

C.           John Keats                                                  D. John Dryden

8.       Among these, which is not written in Blank Verse?

A.       Paradise Lost                                                  B. Frost at Midnight

C.       Rime of The Ancient Mariner                      D. The Princess

9.  In Jonathan Swift’s “Tale of a Tub”, Peter represents

A.       Protestant Church                                           B. Church of England

C.        Roman Catholic Church                                 D. Greek Orthodox Church

10. According to Mathew Arnold, who is our “well of English undefiled,”

A.     Geoffrey Chaucer                                              B. William Shakespeare

C.        John Milton                                                     D. Herbert Spenser

11. Who commented that, Donne,” for not keeping of accent, deserved hanging”.

A.        Ben Jonson                                                       B. Samuel Johnson

C.         Mathew Arnold                                               D. S. T. Coleridge

12.  What is the first novel by Thomas Hardy?

A.        Under the Greenwood Tree                          B. Desperate Remedies

C.         A Pair of Blue Eyes                                          D. Far From the Madding Crowd

13. Among these poets, who invented a large variety of verse forms?

A.      Mathew Arnold                                                   B.  John Milton

C.       Robert Browning                                                D. T.S. Elliot

14. Who was criticized as a “Fleshy Poet” ?

A.         D. G. Rosetti                                                    B. William Blake

C.          Swinburne                                                       D.  John Keats

15. Among These, who is not a Cavalier poet ?

A.            Richard Lovelace                                           B. Robert Herric

C.             John Suckling                                               D.  Richard Crashaw

16. The protagonist of Thomas Carlyl’s “Sartor Resartus” is a

A.        Italian Sailor                                                   B.  English Poet

C.        German Philosopher                                     D.  Greek Scholar

17.  How many epistles are in Alexander Pope’s poem “An Essay on Man” ?

A.    3                                                          B.  4

C.    5                                                          D. 6

18. ” God made the country, and man made the town”

     This quotation is by the poet…

A.    William Blake                                       B. William Cowper

C.     William Langland                                D.  John Donne

19. The poem “Ode On the Departing Year” is written by

A.       John Keats                                          B. P. B. Shelly

C.       William Words                                   D. Samuel Taylor Coleridge

20.  Who describes modern poetry as, “an epidemic of intellectual and emotional diarrhea”

A.      I.A.Richards                                          B. Roy Campbell

C.      Jacques Derrida                                   D. Edward Said

21. Match the following.

I. Eugene O’Neill                              1. Pointed Roofs

II. Franz Kafka                                              2. The Cantos

III. Ezra Pound                                             3. Beyond the horizon

IV. Dorothy Richardson                 4. The Trial


            I           II          III        IV

  A.         1       2          3          4                                                           

  B.      3          4          1          2

  C.          3      4          2          1                                                

  D.      1          2          4          3

22.  Who is referred to as “Last of the great romantics “,by Graham Hough ?

A.    Lord Byron                                                        B. John Keats

C.     W. B. Yeats                                                       D. William Wordsworth

23. The character “Gregor Samsa” appears in Franz Kafka’s

A.     The Metamorphosis                                        B. The Trial

C.      The Stoker                                                        D. The Castle

24. An allusion to Daedalus, in “Portrait of The Artist as a Youngman”, is found in…. mythology.

A.         Greek                                                             B. German

C.         Irish                                                                D. English

25.   Which literary person is not a member of “Auden Group” (thirties Poets)?

A.        Louis McNeice                                                B. Stephen Spender

C.         Dorothy Richardson                                      D. Cecil Day Lewis

  1.  The term “Theatre of the Absurd” was coined by

A.         Martin Esslin                                                    B. Samuel Becket

C.         James Joyce                                                      D. Eugene Ionesco

27. Among these works of Philip Larkin, which is not a work in poetry ?

A.          The Less Deceived                                         B. The Whitsun Weddings

C.          A Girl in Winter                                               D. The North Ship

28. “United we stand, divided we fall.” Is an example of which figure of speech ?

A.               Oxymoron                                          B. Irony

C.               Epigram                                              D. Antithesis

29. Among these literary persons, who did not contribute to “Poetic Drama” ?

A.           Swinburne                                             B. Stephen Philips

C.            John Drinkwater                                  D. Masefield

30.  “Romanticism is disease. Classicism is health” This remark was made by

A.        E. G. Burgum                                             B. Goethe

C.        S. T. Coleridge                                           D. Rousseau

31. Bulwer Lytton’s “The Last Days of Pompeii” was inspired from

A.      A poem                                                       B. A Painting

C.      A Gothic palace                                         D. A play

32. Thomas Love Peacock’s novel Nightmare Abbey  is a

A.     Tragedy                                                        B. Comedy

C.      Satire                                                            D.  Picaresque Novel

33. Anita Desai received “Sahitya Academy Award” for her work…

A.       Cry, The Peacock                                       B. Fire On the Mountain

C.       Clear Light of Day                                      D. Voices in the City

34. Which of the following poems, is not written by W. H. Auden?

A.        Fire and Ice                                                B. This Lunar Beauty

C.        Lullaby                                                        D. Funeral Blues

35.  Who is the author of the essay  “Three Hundred Ramayanas: Five Examples and Three Thoughts on Translations”

A.     A.K.Ramanujan                                                        B. Jayanta Mahapatra

C.      R.Parthasarathy                                                      D. Salman Rushdie

36. Among these, Which American writer comes under “slave narrative”

A.      Rupert Brooke                                                       B. Frederick Douglass

C.       Harriet Beecher Stowe                                        D. Walt Whitman

37. American writer Herman Melville’s fictionalized biography is

A.   Moby Dick                                                                 B. Billy Budd

C.    Typee                                                                         D. Bartleby The Scrivener

38. Who is the writer of the poem “The Sick Stockroder” which was made into a movie, by the same name ?

A.       Paul Grano                                                         B. Leon Gellert

C.        Mary Gilmore                                                   D. Adam Lindsay Gordon

39. According to Aristotle, which of the following terms, means “a sudden turn” ?

A.          Anagnorisis                                                   B. Peripeteia

C.           Nemesis                                                        D. Reconciliation

40. Who is the author of “Seven Types of Ambiguity” ?

A.       William Empson                                              B. Harold Bloom

C.        I.A.Richards                                                     D. John Ruskin

41. The rhyme scheme of Spenserian stanza is

A.    abbaabbaa                                                        B. abbaabbab

C.     ababbcbcc                                                        D. ababbcbbc

42.  Who wrote”On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity” at the age of 21 ?

 A.          John Keats                                                B. John Milton

C.          Charles Lamb                                           D. John Donne

43. The Japanese poetry with 3 lines (of 5, 7, and 5 syllables) is known as

 A.      Limerick                                                       B. Haiku

C.       Distich                                                         D. Ictus

44.  Among these literary persons, who is not a member of “Bloomsbury Group” ?

A.      Lytton Strachey                                            B.   E. M. Forester

C.      Virginia Woolf                                              D. William Empson

45.  Who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for the year 2013?

A.    Mo Yan                                                            B. Alice Munro

C.     Tomas Transtromer                                     D. Mario Vargas Llosa

46.   W. B. Yeats’ poem  Lake Isle of Innisfree was inspired by

A.    Milton”s “Paradise Lost “       B. Gray’s “Elegy written in a country churchyard”

C.     H. D. Thoreau’s “Walden “    D.  Wordsworth’s “The Prelude “

47. Who questioned in his first book “of  what  use is nature ? ”

A.         Thomas Paine                                             B. Ralph Waldo Emerson

C.         Benjamin Franklin                                     D. Thomas Jefferson

48.  Langland’s “Piers the Plowman” is a satire on

A.          Monarchy                                                   B. Clergy

C.           Society                                                        D. Farmers

49.” The river is within us, The sea is all about us “ is a quote by

A.        T.S.Elliot                                                        B. George Elliot

C.       Thomas hardy                                               D. William wordsworth

50.   William Shakespeare wrote…sonnets

A.         153                                                      B. 143

C.         154                                                      D. 189


1.C                  11.A               21.C                31.B               41.C

2.B                  12.B               22.C                32.C               42.B

3.C                  13.C                23.A               33.B               43.B

4.A                  14.A                 24.A               34.A               44.D

5.A                  15.D                25.C               35.A               45.B

6.B                  16.C                26.A               36.B                46.C

7.B                  17.B                27.C               37.C               47.B

8.C                  18.B               28.D               38.D                48.B

9.C                  19.D               29.A               39.B                 49.A

10.A                 20.B               30.B               40.A                 50.C





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