Modern Poets in English Literature -Test 1

      Modern Poets in English Literature

                                            Test- 1 

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1. Who wrote the preface to the English version of Tagore’s “ Gitanjali”?

A.     Rudyard Kipling                              B. T. S. Elliot

C.      Rupert Brooke                                 D.    W. B. Yeats

2. Among these, who is a “Poet Laureate “ ?

A.        W.B.Yeats                                         B. Robert Bridges

C.        Rudyard Kipling                           D. W. H. Davies

3. Rudyard Kipling was born in

A.       Kolkata (Calcutta)                          B.  Mumbai (Bombay)

C.        New Delhi                                        D. Chennai

4.     W. B. Yeats received the Nobel Prize for Literature in the year…

A.        1923                                                 B. 1921

C.        1920                                                 D. 1922

5.  He is “the prophet of British Imperialism”.

       This comment was made about Rudyard Kipling, by

A.        George Orwell                                 B. W. B. Yeats

C.        Robert Bridges                                D. Rupert Brooke


6. Who is the writer of the patriotic sonnet ‘The Soldier “?

A.        George Orwell                                 B. Rupert Brooke

C.         Siegfried Sassoon                         D. W. H. Davies

7.  W. B. Yeats’ “ The Land of Heart’s Desire “  is

A.        A novel                                             B. A  play

C.        A poem                                           D. A short story

8. The long philosophical poem “The Testament of Beauty “ is  a work of

A.        W. B. Yeats                                      B. Siegfried Sassoon

C.        Rupert Brooke                                 D.  Robert Bridges

9.   Among these works, which is not a work of W. B. Yeats?

A.         Sailing to Byzantium                      B. September 1913

C.        Barrack Room Ballads                    D. The Wild Swans at Coole

10.  W. B. Yeats’ poem  “Lake Isle of Innisfree” was inspired by

A.    Milton”s “Paradise Lost “       B. Gray’s “Elegy written in a country churchyard”

C.     H. D. Thoreau’s “Walden “    D.  Wordsworth’s “The Prelude “

11. “ Oh, East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet ”

              These lines are from the poem “ The Ballad of east and west” written by

A.       Rudyard Kipling                                   B. W. H. Davies

C.        George Orwell                                     D. Robert Bridges

12. “ Salt Water Ballads “ is a work by the poet

A.    W. H. Davies                                             B. John Masefield

C.    Rudyard Kipling                                         D. Rupert Brooke

13.  W. B. Yeats was bitterly criticized for sponsoring J. M. Synge’s controversial  play…

A.       Playboy of the western world              B. Riders to the Sea

C.       In the Shadow of the Glen                    D. The Tinker’s Wedding

14.  Who became Poet Laureate after Robert Bridges?

A.        John Masefield                                               B. Cecil Day Lewis

C.        Ted Hughes                                                     D. Alfred Tennyson

15.    “Cast a cold eye

        On life, on death.

         Horseman, pass by.”

         These lines appear on the epitaph of


A.   Walter De La Mare                             B.    W. B. Yeats

C.     J. M. Synge                                         D.  Robert Bridges


1.D                  6.B                  11.A

2.B                  7.B                  12.B

3.B                  8.B                  13.A

4.A                  9.C                  14.A

5.A               10.C                   15.B





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