GMAT Study Plan

Before going into the GMAT Study Plan, few frequently asked questions first.

GMAT- Frequently Asked Questions:

What does GMAT stand for?

The General Management Admission Test or GMAT is a computer-based adaptive test administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). Contrary to popular belief, GMAT does not grade an examinee’s business skill or intelligence. Rather, GMAT is used to determine the analytical skills, problem-solving capabilities, and critical reasoning abilities of the test taker.

Launched in February 1954, GMAT was first known as “The Admission Test for Graduate Study in Business” (ATGSB) and was administered to 4,228 examinees only. The name was changed in 1976 to GMAT. Read more

How to Improve Spelling: 11 QuickTips

How to Improve Spelling?

Spellings do not play a significant role in English conversations, however, when it comes to the writing part, especially academic tests, they become a nightmare for non native speakers. Even native speakers often struggle with spellings.
Almost all of the non-native speakers are puzzled by the spelling patterns, since
•There is no logic in spelling patterns

• There are exceptions to almost every spelling rule
• It is difficult to memorize the spelling rules, hence need to take every word and memorize it individually.
Here are some valuable tips on” How to Improve Spelling”? Read more

How to Improve Writing skills in English?

How to improve writing skills in English?

When it comes to Linguistic skills and especially English language makes it a point to learn through one’s own conscience. Basically, no one is a born brilliant at writing. Even the most affluent writers or say established authors also have had to practice to reach at zenith of writing. In factthere are no proper defined hard and fast rules to describe a piece of writing as “the best”.

Now the question arises How to improve writing skills?

What can we do to brush up our written skills towards excellence? Read more

How to Improve English for Competitive Examinations

 How to improve English for competitive examinations?

This article is dedicated to all the people who view English as an obstacle from passing their competitive examinations.

Image Source : pixabay

Image Source : pixabay

 The main aim of this article is to help you improve your English skills for a better performance in competitive examinations. It is advisable that you embrace English as your language and make it part of your life. The reason behind this is simply because there is no shortcut to passing competitive examinations if one doesn’t practice and master the basic rules of English. Read more